Stages of Chiropractic Care

There are three stages of chiropractic care. Your doctor will create a plan for treatment based on each of the three steps. By following your customized plan, you can prevent further injury and live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Relief Care
    Relief care is typically the first stage for most patients. The goal of this stage is to take away the pain as quickly as possible, bringing relief. Treatments in this stage focus on managing pain symptoms to get the patient the most positive outcome in the shortest period of time. Most patients can continue living a normal life while in this stage of treatment but taking it easy may increase healing. It is important to follow your doctor’s directions to avoid further injury.
  • Corrective Care
    Corrective care is about getting to the root of the problem and trying to figure out how to fix it. Your chiropractor will pinpoint the areas causing the problem to begin a customized treatment plan. The plan will include treatment based on any injuries you may have experienced and reducing inflammation to encourage healthy healing. Skipping part of the treatment plan can cause the pain and/or injury to return later with more problems. Patients should be aware that a lack of pain does not show complete healing. Attending every session as laid out in your plan will help you get to stage three.
  • Wellness Care
    Once everything is properly healed, it is time to continue with your care. It is important to continue checkups and other preventive care as recommended to avoid another injury in the future. Regular chiropractic care is preventive, catching smaller issues before they turn into painful larger issues. Pain usually means there is a problem which is causing tissue damage. Catching the problem before that point helps to prevent chronic issues for the future.

Completing all three steps is crucial to proper chiropractic treatment. Other types of therapy may be a part of treatment along the way to care for your whole body. Massage therapy helps relieve tired muscles and stress, increasing blood flow and promoting healing. Your doctor may also suggest strengthening exercises to keep your muscles toned, helping to support your skeletal structure. You may also receive tips for healthy eating habits to improve morale and the fuel for your muscles. All of these modalities will be integrated into one plan designed just for you to help you heal and continue to feel your best.